Art Deco 

Price per night


The Art Deco Room reflects the popular design movement from the 1920’s to the 1930’s. This movement fell between 1 world wars and affected the forms of art, including architecture, interior design, clothing, jewelry, and more. The term “Art Deco” has its origins in the 1925 French Art exposition at the Le Musee des Arts Decoratifs. American Art Deco following the Paris Exposition included all the decorative art of furniture, flatware, and interior design. The ornamentation focused on geometry, machinery, botany, nationalism, and color. American Art Deco conveyed both beauty and strength.

This bright and sunny room features a beautiful Vintage “Waterfall” design bedroom suite with geometric wood inlays that give the look of the suns’ rays. Bed features a queen size mattress and a large comfy chair. Room has a private en-suite bathroom with a walk-in shower, linens, hair dryer and all assorted toiletries, individually controlled heat and air; TV.