Queen Anne Revival

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The Queen Anne Revival Room is named after Queen Anne whose reign ended in 1714. Although the style of furniture and home designs did not become popular until approximately one century later (1860), its definition was a “mish-mash” of styles. Only the signature “cabriole” leg was the true furniture style of the Queen Anne era.

During her reign, she introduced the custom of social tea drinking which created a need for small movable furniture. Thus was born the tilp-top table among other pieces such as small couches, ottomans, and chaise lounges. The furniture was dainty and graceful in nature with curved lines on feet and arms, crest rails, pediments, and shell ornamentation; chair seats now had embroidered scenes of people and flowers. The revival of this style had become a transition from heavily decorated pieces to more proportioned ones while adding elements to the future.

This room exudes romance and would make the perfect stay for your Honeymoon. It is decorated in soft tones of cream and pinks that compliment the vintage wallpaper. A queen bed will make you feel like you have stepped back in time. A special sweet room (we like to call the Nook) is set off to the side and is the perfect place to sit while enjoying your favorite book and a cup of tea. A private en-suite bathroom with a walk-in shower is very spacious. Take note of the original floor tile of the 1960’ era. All toiletries are included as well as a hair dryer and linens. Individually controlled heat and air, TV.