Queen Victoria Suite

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The Queen Victoria Suite is our largest room. Queen Victoria reigned from the 1830’s until her death in 1901 – she is one of the longest reigning monarchs, having taken the throne at age 18. She married Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and together they had 9 children. She is responsible for introducing the fashion of wearing a white wedding gown. The 2 prints in the room are of Victoria at the beginning of her reign and the other 5 of her children and husband. This time in history was a time of change. The industrial revolution was beginning along with new political, scientific, and military changes – so did furniture and house designs. Heavy carvings, buttoned upholstery, balloon-back chairs are some of the features. Chairs with lowered seats and arms scrolled at the front were to accommodate the vast farich on ladies’ skirts. Mahogany, Rosewood, Burl Walnut, and Ebony became the favored woods in furniture making. Prince Albert of German birth introduced the custom of the Christmas Tree to England as this was a German tradition to bring in and decorate a live tree at Christmas. When he died at an early age, Victoria mourned him for almost 40 years. This period in history is a time of opulence and true craftsmanship and we hope that his room reflects just that.

This 2-room Suite boasts an Antique Bed with a 9’ high headboard and a queen size mattress. Enjoy the luxury of soft bedding while watching TV in this beautifully appointed bedroom in purple and gold tones. All Antique pieces feature rare Tennessee Marble. The additional room hosts a small kitchenette area with a counter height Refrigerator, microwave, and coffee maker and a sleeper sofa that sleeps 2. This Suite is perfect for the extended stay traveler or a family with children. This room also has a private en-suite bathroom with a walk-in shower, linens,hair dryer and all assorted toiletries, individually controlled heat and air.